The Hairy Boy

FOLKLORE FROM SWITZERLAND - A long time ago, there lived a young king who loved hunting. He could spend days in the jungle to hunt the animals. The king did not go hunting alone. His soldiers and some dogs always accompanied him.
It was a beautiful day. The king was getting ready to go hunting. He prepared his weapons.His soldiers also brought their guns filled with some bullets.
The king arrived in the jungle. Suddenly, his dogs were barking at a big tree. It had a big hollow. The king carefully checked what was inside the tree. He was so surprised! He found a very beautiful girl! “Who are you? What are you doing here?“ asked the girl.
She said, “This tree is my home. I live here. I don't have any parents.“
The king felt sorry for her. He brought her to the palace.
Time passed by and the king fell in love with her. He finally got married with her. Unfortunately, the king's mother secretly hated the girl.She actually did not want her son to marry the girl. However she could not say it to her son.
After they got married, the king continued his hobby to go hunting. At the time, the girl was pregnant. The king's mother was getting angry with her. She planned to do something bad.
The girl delivered a healthy baby boy. The king's mother silently poisoned the baby. She gave some food that made the baby grew lots of hair in a l l over his body.
When the king came home, the king's mother said, “Your wife has given birth to an animal.Look, the body is full with hair!“ The king was angry and shamed. He asked his wife and the baby to leave the palace.
The king's wife was so sad. She did not know where to go. She finally brought her baby to the hollow tree in the jungle.
Slowly, the son grew as a young and strong boy. Amazingly, he was very strong and had lots of power.
The hairy boy one day asked his mother about his father.
“Your father is the king, but don't you ever go to the palace to meet him. He hates us!“ “But I want really want to see him, Mother.Please let me go there,“ begged the hairy boy.
The hairy boy's mother did not have the heart to see her beloved son begging. She finally let him go to the palace.
When he arrived at the palace, the hairy boy immediately met the king. He said, “Your Majesty, I'm your son!“ The king was shocked. He thought his hairy son had died in the jungle. Sadly, the king did not want to accept him as his son. He even asked him to leave.
“No, you're not my son! Go away and leave this palace!“ “All right, I will leave now but I will be back tomorrow,“ replied the hairy boy.
After the hairy boy left, the king ordered his soldiers. “Follow him, then shoot him in the jungle!“ The soldiers carefully followed the hairy boy.
When he was in the jung le, the soldiers shot the hairy boy! Surprisingly, the hairy boy did not die! He plucked the bullets from his body and threw them to the soldiers. Those soldiers were dead! The hairy boy returned to the palace. The king was so upset. He thought the soldiers had killed him. “They failed to kill him,“ thought the king.
He grabbed his gun and shot the hairy boy. Again, the boy easily plucked the bullet and threw it to the king. He instantly died! Meanwhile, the king's mother saw the whole incident. She was so scared. She said, “Please don't kill me. I have the cure to remove your hair in your body.“
She gave the cure to the hairy boy. Amazingly, all the hair was slowly gone. Well, his power and strength was also gone. Since the king had died, the boy then became the king. He and his mother lived happily. Media Indonesia, 24/08/2014, halaman 20


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