Travelers Rent Their Cars Out At Airports, during a New Business Model

At a few U.S. airports, travelers have a replacement possibility besides paying for long-run parking or finding a ride. A service named FlightCar permits them to go away their automobile within the company's heap — and rent it out whereas they are away.

In exchange, the travelers get a ride to their terminal and, when their come, a check for the utilization of their vehicle. simply opened its third location, at l. a. International airdrome, Wednesday.

The company was supported by 2 teenagers, Kevin Petrovic, 19, and Rujul Zaparde, 18, WHO tell that they are delaying school to present their new business an opportunity.

"At any moment there is one thing like 360,000 cars in long-run parking heaps within the high thirty U.S. airports," Zaparde tells KPCC's mountain Bergman. "That's terribly inefficient."

The try say they got the thought of belongings people use those cars from Airbnb, that permits non-public people to rent rooms or entire homes over the net.

"Among the investors ar Airbnb's founders, in conjunction with Ryan Seacrest and Ashton Kutcher," as mountain reports.

FlightCar says it pays a mean of $30 for a five-day rental. however that rate will go higher. A luxury automobile that is solely many years recent will earn twenty cents a mile for its owner. Mileage is proscribed to seventy five miles on a daily basis. If it isn't rented, the car's owner has still avoided paying for parking.

After dropping off a vehicle, travelers ar taken to their terminal during a black city automobile. As for insurance, the vehicles ar lined beneath a policy which will pay to $1 million in liabilities or damages.

Before associate degree owner returns, their automobile is washed and vacuumed. As mountain notes in his report, some negative on-line reviews have emerged during which folks complain of finding food in their automobile, or having hassle being reimbursed for damages. Petrovic and Zaparde say they are making an attempt to form positive those incidents are not recurrent.

Ben spoke to 2 customers WHO say they are proud of the service.

"To me, the good price of this is often that before I learned concerning FlightCar, i used to be paying to park at the airdrome $15-$18 on a daily basis," Walt French, 65, says.

After strolling back from a recent trip to China, French aforesaid, "I got a check a few hours agone for $111" for the utilization of his Acura.

FlightCar opened its initial location in metropolis in February. Beantown followed before long when.

San Francisco officers have filed a legal proceeding against the corporate, speech communication it breaks the foundations for car-rental corporations at the city's airdrome. Among different things, those rules incorporate the airdrome to be paid a group action fee and a cut of the profits. The founders maintain that FlightCar may be a peer-to-peer car-sharing service.

"I assume anytime you are doing one thing extremely innovative during a market you're reaching to run up against opposition," Petrovic aforesaid.

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GRC Lets You Rent Your Dream Car

Gloria Rent Car Pekanbaru Lets You Rent Your Dream Car.
Indonesian -- If you've always dreamed of driving a Xenia, Avanza or Kijang Innova, now's your chance to get behind the wheel of one of without shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars to own it.

Gloria Rent Car (GRC), the Indonesian largest general use airport car rental company, has just announced the launch of Rental Mobil Pekanbaru City, a line of ultra-high-end performance cars.
The company's rentable collection includes Daihatsu, Toyota, the Camry, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Mercy New Model S and Mc Laren, among others.

They rent for between $ 500 and $700 a day.

"We thought, why don't we spice up the fleet with cars people would aspire to?" says GRC's Ade Surya, vice president of rent a car operations.

That line of thinking is paying off. Not only has the company rented several hundred dream cars since launching the program in Augusts; one couple actually bought a Camry after renting one, Sheldon says.

"A husband and wife in Phoenix rented one and upon return asked where they are for sale so they could go buy one," Surya continues. "And we found out later they did buy it. It's not everyday you hear that kind of story."

As you can imagine, the dream cars are not available at all Gloria Rent Car locations. The company rolled out the program at 35 sites based on geographic studies of car ownership, Surya says, going to cities where there was already a significant level of ownership of such high-end vehicles.

Rental Mobil Pekanbaru Experience

Gloria Rent Car
The Gloria Rent Car (GRC) is asserting the worldwide launch of Gloria 24/7, ( or a revolutionary new rental service on the market any time, day or night. The enlargement may be a game changer for the trade as a result of for the primary time customers are going to be ready to rent a large sort of vehicles close to their home or work once required and for any length of your time -- hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. the corporate estimates that by 2014, it'll have "self-serve" vehicles among minutes of the bulk of the Indonesia population

The company is additionally asserting that it'll host a 24/7 product and repair demonstration event within the metropolitan Pekanbaru town space throughout the second week of Sep, 2013. This technology event can specialise in the long run of in-car telematics and mobile applications to reinforce the rental expertise. extra details are going to be provided later this summer.