Master Man Nigeria

Folklore From Nigeria
ONCE there was a very strong man.However, he was very boastful. His name was Shadusa. He always said t that he was the strongest man on earth.He called himself as the Master Man.
His wife, Shettu, often reminded him. She often advised him not to be boastful. One day, she said, “Remember, no matter how strong you are, there must be someone stronger than you are.“
“That's impossible! No one is stronger than I am!“ said Shadusa arrol gantly.t On the following day, Shettu went to the neighboring village. On the way home, she felt very thirsty. She saw a well. She wanted to take some water.She threw in a bucket. After the bucket was full of water, she tried to pull the rope. Sadly, the bucket was too heavy.She could not pull the rope.

While she was trying to pull the rope, a woman approached her. She was carrying her baby. The woman asked,t “What's the matter? You seem to have problem.“
Shettu said, “I cannot pull this rope.The bucket is too heavy.“

The woman replied, “Don't worry.My baby will help you.“ Later she put her baby on the ground then said,t “Honey, please pull this rope.“
The baby easily pulled the rope and gave the bucket to Shettu.

Shettu could not believe what she saw. She said, “That's amazing. How can your baby be so strong?“ The woman said, “His father is the Master Man. He is very strong.“
Shettu went home. Later she told her husband about the strong baby whose father was the Master Man. Shadusa looked upset. He said, “No way! The woman was playing some tricks on you. It's impossible that a baby could pull the rope.“

“If you don't believe me, why don't you go to the well and see how strong the baby is,“ replied Shettu.,Shadusa was so curious. Later he went to the well and waited for the woman. Few minutes later, the woman with the baby came.

Shadusa asked, “I heard that the baby's father is the Master Man. Is it true?“The woman answered, “Yes, it is.“
“May I see him?“The woman shook , her head. “I don't think so. You cannot see Mas, ter Man because he will eat you.“
“I don't care! I want to see him and prove who the real Master Man is,“ said Shadusa.
“It's up to you,“ replied the woman.

Later, Shadusa followed the woman , to her home. When they arrived, a giant welcomed them. “That's my husband. He is the Master Man.“
Shadusa's body was shaking. He was so scared. He ran away. Unfortunately, the giant saw him. He chased Shadusa.

Shadusa ran very fast. He met a stranger. He asked, “Why do you look so scared?“ “The Master Man is trying to catch me. He is going to eat me.“ SENO “It's impossible. I'm the Master Man,“ replied the stranger.

Suddenly, the giant came! The stranger challenged the giant to fight to prove who the Master Man was.

They were fighting for days and still there was no winner. They fought not only on the ground. They were even fighting in the sky! The sound of the fight was so deafening.

Since then when people heard thunder they said, “Those two men are fighting to prove who the Master Man is. Media Indonesia, 21/09/2014, halaman 21


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