ONCE upon a time, there was a village named Beldy. The men in the village really liked going to a war and fighting against other villages. They got angry easily. They felt that going to a war was a fun activity. For them, going to a war was something that they had to do.

Slowly, the number of men in the village decreased. The women tried to advise the men to stop their bad habits. Sadly, the men always ignored them.

One day, one woman in the village had delivered two baby boys. They were twins, their names were Chubak and Udoga. The men thought that Chubak and Udoga were good signs for them. They hoped Chubak and Udoga could join them to war later.
Chubak and Udoga grew as smart and wise kids. Even adults came to them for advice.

It was a hot day when a man suddenly screamed.
“My rabbit is gone! Someone stole my rabbit!“ Everybody looked carefully at the cage. One man spoke, “I think your rabbit was stolen by the men from the Zaksulis Village!“ “Yes, I thought the same. Let's fight! Let's attack Zaksulis Village!“ said another man.

“Wait!“ said one woman. She continued, “Are you sure you will attack Zaksulis Village just because of a rabbit? It's not worth it!“ The women were upset with the men's plan to attack Zaksulis Village. They went Chubak and Udoga and asked them to stop their bad habit.

The twins talked silently. They were planning something. “Yes, we will do something. Trust us!“ said Chubak.
Later, the twins talked to the men. “I heard that you will attack Zaksulis Village just because of a rabbit?“ “Yes, it's true!“
“We will join you but first you have to promise something,“ asked Udoga.

The men were extremely happy that the twins would join them. They said yes when the twins asked them to promise.
“Please promise that when you arrive at Zaksulis Village you will never eat and drink anything. You just fight then go home!“ said Chubak. “That's easy!“ said the head of vil lage. He knew they could beat people in Zaksulis easily. Why? Unlike the men from Beldy Village, the men in Zaksulis hate to fight. They love to live in peace.

Before they went to Zaksulis Village, the men brought lots of food and water. They would eat and drink on the way to Zaksulis. They would stop eating and drinking after they arrived at Zaksulis Village.

Finally, they arrived at Zaksulis Village. When the villagers of Zaksulis saw them, they were hiding inside their house.
One man of Beldy Village yelled, “Come out of your house now!“ Unfortunately, they still stayed at home. The Beldys did not want to enter their houses. They did not want to hurt women and children. Therefore, they still waited for the men to go out.
They waited for hours and still, the Zaksulis men stayed inside their houses. The Beldy men waited for the following days but still the Zaksulis men did not want to fight them.

The Beldy men were slowly hungry and thirsty. They could not eat and drink because they had promised. Finally, the head of the village ordered his people to go back home.

When they arrived, the women asked how the war was. The head of the village said, “It was the worst war. We will never have a war again!“ The women were happy. They all were grateful and said thank you to Chubak and Udoga. Thanks to them, the men stopped their bad habits. Media Indonesia, 11/30/2014, page 21


A long time ago, there lived a very beautiful princess. Her name was Amarevi.
So many men came and proposed her for to be their wives. However, she rejected them. It was because she already loved one man. His name was Mahoseth. Unlike her who came from a royal family, Mahoseth was an ordinary man.

In the palace, there were four ministers who terribly wanted to marry the Princess Amarevi. It was not because they loved the Princess Ama revi, but they wanted to get her wealth. As the only child of the king, Princess Ama revi had lots of jewelries.
Those four ministers upset when they knew Princess Amarevi would marry with Mahoseth. They came to the king and told him some lies.

“Your Majesty, Mahoseth is not a good man. He will marry your daughter only to get her wealth,“ said one minister.
“It's true, Your Majesty. I also heard that he really wants to be the new king. He wants to kill you!“ said another minister.
The four ministers kept on telling to the King about how bad Mahoseth was. Sadly, the King finally believed what they said. He cancelled the wedding and even sent Mahoseth to jail! The princess kept on crying. She could not believe that her father would believe to those ministers.

“I have to prove to my father that Mahoseth is innocent,“ thought the princess.
She had a good plan. She asked those ministers to meet her. “I hope you can come to my room at nine o'clock,“ said the princess to the ministers.

They were happy when they heard the princess invited them. They did not know that the princess had set a plan.
The princess had asked some people to dig the floor. Later she covered the hole with some rug. On the top of the rug, she put a table with some jewelries. She hoped the ministers would be trapped inside the hole when holding the jewelry.
Finally, exactly at nine o'clock, those four ministers came to her room.

“Please come in,“ said the princess.
After the ministers were inside the room, the princess told them that she had to leave for a while.
“Please stay here, i'm going to do something and i'll be back soon. “After the princess left, those ministers saw beautiful jewelries on the table.

“Look at that table! we will get jewelry!“ said one minister.
They rushed to the table and suddenly they were trapped inside the hole! “Help. . . please help us!“ cried the ministers.
Meanwhile, the princess went to the king and told him that she trapped the ministers.
“Look! Those were trying to steal my jewelries,“ said the princess to the king.

The king was furious. He sent those four ministers to the jail. He then apologized to his daughter and Mahoseth. Later, he held the wedding party and since then Princess Amarevi and Mahoseth lived happily. Media Indonesia, 11/23/2014, page 20

Kintaro Folklore From Japan

Kintaro Folklore From Japan
A long time ago, there lived a special boy. His name was Kintaro. He lived with his mother on Mount Ashigara.Kintaro's father died when he was a baby.

What was so special about Kintaro?
Well, he was very strong. Though he was a kid, he had a power of 100 adult men! Besides that, he was also able to talk to animals. No wonder he made friends with all animals. His mother did not know how Kintaro got his special ability. One thing for sure, she was so grateful that her son was obedient and helpful. He always helped his mother and his neighbors.

During his free time, Kintaro often played with his animals friends. He liked to have fun with them. One activity that he often did with the animals, was doing sumo. It is Japanese traditional wrestling.

Not a single animal could beat Kintaro. He was too powerful for them, however there was animal that wanted to challenge him. The animal was the bear! he was an arrogant animal. He had never met Kintaro, he just heard that there was a strong boy, who was able to talk to animals. He was curious to beat Kintaro in sumo.

“I want to challenge you in sumo!“ said the bear when he finally met Kintaro.
All the animals that heard the bear, were silent. They were so amazed to see how big the bear was. They all were wondering if Kintaro could beat the bear.

Kintaro was just smiling. “All right, I will accept your challenge!“ It did not take lots of time for Kintaro to beat the bear. He could easily win the wrestling! All the animals were cheering. They were happy that Kintaro was the winner. They did not like the arrogant bear.

Kintaro did not know that someone was watching while he was wrestling with the bear. He was a Samurai. A Samurai is a member of a powerful military class in traditional Japan.The Samurai was accompanied with his men.

“You are very strong. I'm impressed,“ said the Samurai.
“Thank you, Sir,“ replied Kintaro politely.
“Listen, I'm looking for some new members for my team. We're going to fight an ogre in Mount Oe. We don't want the beast to hurt us. Therefore, we have to kill the Ogre soon,“ explained the Samurai.
“If I join you, can I be a warrior?“ asked Kintaro.
“Sure you can.“
“Well, let me go home now and I want ask permission to my mother.“
Kintaro's mother let him go. She also told something, a secret that she never told him.
“Your father was a warrior. He was a great warrior. I'm sure you can be as great as he was,“ said the mother.
“How did he die, Mother?“ asked Kintaro.
“An Ogre killed him,“ said his mother sadly. Kintaro was angry! He knew, he had to kill the Ogre before he killed more humans.

Finally they arrived at Mount Oe.They met the Ogre. Though he was still a kid, Kintaro was brave. He finally killed the Ogre. The Samurai was happy. He asked Kintaro and his mother to live in a castle. When Kintaro adult, he finally became a warrior. His mother was right, Kintaro became a great warrior just like his father. Source : Media Indonesia, 16/11/2014, Page 20