ONCE upon a time, there was a village named Beldy. The men in the village really liked going to a war and fighting against other villages. They got angry easily. They felt that going to a war was a fun activity. For them, going to a war was something that they had to do.

Slowly, the number of men in the village decreased. The women tried to advise the men to stop their bad habits. Sadly, the men always ignored them.

One day, one woman in the village had delivered two baby boys. They were twins, their names were Chubak and Udoga. The men thought that Chubak and Udoga were good signs for them. They hoped Chubak and Udoga could join them to war later.
Chubak and Udoga grew as smart and wise kids. Even adults came to them for advice.

It was a hot day when a man suddenly screamed.
“My rabbit is gone! Someone stole my rabbit!“ Everybody looked carefully at the cage. One man spoke, “I think your rabbit was stolen by the men from the Zaksulis Village!“ “Yes, I thought the same. Let's fight! Let's attack Zaksulis Village!“ said another man.

“Wait!“ said one woman. She continued, “Are you sure you will attack Zaksulis Village just because of a rabbit? It's not worth it!“ The women were upset with the men's plan to attack Zaksulis Village. They went Chubak and Udoga and asked them to stop their bad habit.

The twins talked silently. They were planning something. “Yes, we will do something. Trust us!“ said Chubak.
Later, the twins talked to the men. “I heard that you will attack Zaksulis Village just because of a rabbit?“ “Yes, it's true!“
“We will join you but first you have to promise something,“ asked Udoga.

The men were extremely happy that the twins would join them. They said yes when the twins asked them to promise.
“Please promise that when you arrive at Zaksulis Village you will never eat and drink anything. You just fight then go home!“ said Chubak. “That's easy!“ said the head of vil lage. He knew they could beat people in Zaksulis easily. Why? Unlike the men from Beldy Village, the men in Zaksulis hate to fight. They love to live in peace.

Before they went to Zaksulis Village, the men brought lots of food and water. They would eat and drink on the way to Zaksulis. They would stop eating and drinking after they arrived at Zaksulis Village.

Finally, they arrived at Zaksulis Village. When the villagers of Zaksulis saw them, they were hiding inside their house.
One man of Beldy Village yelled, “Come out of your house now!“ Unfortunately, they still stayed at home. The Beldys did not want to enter their houses. They did not want to hurt women and children. Therefore, they still waited for the men to go out.
They waited for hours and still, the Zaksulis men stayed inside their houses. The Beldy men waited for the following days but still the Zaksulis men did not want to fight them.

The Beldy men were slowly hungry and thirsty. They could not eat and drink because they had promised. Finally, the head of the village ordered his people to go back home.

When they arrived, the women asked how the war was. The head of the village said, “It was the worst war. We will never have a war again!“ The women were happy. They all were grateful and said thank you to Chubak and Udoga. Thanks to them, the men stopped their bad habits. Media Indonesia, 11/30/2014, page 21