Why Dog and Cat are Enemies

A long time ago, there lived a husband and his wife.
They were rich. They lived in a big house. What did they do so they became very rich? Well, the family had a golden ring. It was a magic ring. Whoever had the ring, they would become very rich.
The family had a dog and a cat. It was the time when dogs and cats were best friends. They never had arguments and always helped each other.

One night, a thief came to the house. He stole the magic ring! The family was sad. They knew slowly they would be poor.
Well, it finally happened. They became poor.

They no longer had happy lives. They even did not have enough food.
The dog and the cat were sad to see their masters' condition.
“We have to help our masters. They are very kind to us. Now it's time to pay back,“ said the dog.
“I agree. We have to help our masters find the magic ring,“ replied the cat.
The dog and the cat started to find the magic ring. They asked other animals if they had heard about the ring.
They asked a mouse. He answered, “Yes, I've heard about the ring. Unfortunately it is kept in a house across the river.“
“Can you show it us?“ asked the cat.

“Yes, I can. But I cannot cross the river. The current is too strong,“ said the mouse.
The dog answered, “Don't worry. I will help you both.“
The cat was not able to swim while the dog was a good swimmer. So, the dog took them on his back and slowly started to swim.
They found the house! The thief kept the ring in a drawer. It was too small for the dog and the cat to reach the ring. Well, it was only the mouse that could do the job.
He got it! They carefully left the house and went back home. Again, the dog took the cat and the mouse on his back and started to swim.

When they arrived at the other side of the river, the dog was very tired. He said to the cat, “You go now and give this ring to our masters. I want to get some rest. I'm too tired to walk.“
The cat nodded. He immediately ran to their masters' house. The family was so excited when they saw their golden ring.
“You're very clever. Thank you very much,“ said the husband.
The wife gave the cat some food.
“Here, eat this food. You must be hungry after going to find this ring.“
The cat immediately ate it. Yes, he was terribly hungry.
While the cat was enjoying his food, the dog finally came home. He was also hungry. He asked, “Can you share your food?“ Before the cat answered, the husband yelled.

“Hey, don't disturb the cat. The food is his reward after finding this ring. Go now!“ They beat and scolded the dog. The dog grew angry at the cat, because the cat had stolen his reward. The dog chased and tried to bite him.
Since then dogs and cats are enemies. - Media Indonesia, 20 Juli 2014, Halaman 20


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