Rental Mobil Pekanbaru Experience

Gloria Rent Car
The Gloria Rent Car (GRC) is asserting the worldwide launch of Gloria 24/7, ( or a revolutionary new rental service on the market any time, day or night. The enlargement may be a game changer for the trade as a result of for the primary time customers are going to be ready to rent a large sort of vehicles close to their home or work once required and for any length of your time -- hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. the corporate estimates that by 2014, it'll have "self-serve" vehicles among minutes of the bulk of the Indonesia population

The company is additionally asserting that it'll host a 24/7 product and repair demonstration event within the metropolitan Pekanbaru town space throughout the second week of Sep, 2013. This technology event can specialise in the long run of in-car telematics and mobile applications to reinforce the rental expertise. extra details are going to be provided later this summer.

"Driven by the company's victory technology, Pekanbaru Car Rental is reinventing the you-drive trade by swing the rental method within the hands of shoppers. Technology-enhanced vehicles are going to be on the market near wherever customers live or work, creating it easier than ever to order and quickly pick-up a rental vehicle at the customer's convenience. Urban and residential district customers are going to be ready to rent a far wider sort of vehicles at any hour – not simply weekdays nine to five once a region rental location is open. 24/7 service may be a key a part of our commitment to make the quickest, best and most valued rental experiences within the business," commented GRC Chairman and Chief military officer, Tengku Antonius Sumbara.

Once a member, the GRC 24/7 client expertise is steam-powered by the quick and straightforward "Click. Swipe. Go!" method. Click on or from your mobile device or laptop computer and complete the straightforward 24/7 reservation method in a very couple of minutes. The car can solely be minutes away and Swipe the 24/7 key fob against the reader on the windscreen to unlock the doors. Then Go!, once retrieving the keys bound to the dashboard.

"GRC 24/7 is revolutionary as a result of it combines the technology and on-demand service related to automotive sharing with the operational and logistic capabilities of a worldwide you-drive company to make a replacement universal you-drive service. In fact, the goal is to bring this easy, continuous service to all or any shoppers. in addition, GRC 24/7 demonstrates our commitment to property quality solutions by creating situational vehicle rental a viable choice for all shoppers," Anton complete.

With Gloria Rental Car Pekanbaru City 24/7, the corporate is making a replacement "self-serve" quality answer with no membership fees that additionally permits customers to speak on to and acquire facilitate from a GRC service representative from the automotive, as needed. in addition, customers will obtain a vehicle at one location and drop-off at another; Gloria Rent automotive was the primary company to introduce the "one-way rental" idea in automotive sharing in 2008.


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